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Old School Delight @ Thomson

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I really look forward our meet up with Katherine & Patrick ! These are the positive people who always have positive thinking *hi 5* and we crack jokes a lot every time we meet. Yeah, laughter makes us younger.

Choosing this place reminded us so much of our good old times back in school and our childhood. This is our ordering board. We had second serving for chicken winglets. *stop counting calories*
Nasi lemak for Ben & Patrick. Yummilicious +++
Horfun for me. Yummilicious ++
Holick Dinosaur & Lime Tea. Yummilicious ++
Chicken Winglets for everyone. Yummilicious +++
Kuih Pie Tie. Yummilicious +++
Chocolate Sticky Cake. Yummilicious ++
The happiest couple ever. Very 登对!

Me and Katherine
Me and Ben
Really thank Katherine and Patrick for suggesting this place and thanks for the dinner. We will definitely come back and try other dishes. We had a great evening at Old School Delight, food is not the most important but the companies. We had a great time laughing, joking and sharing. Life is full of colourful when you know a bunch of wonderful people. 🙂

Please note : This is not a paid or any affiliated post. I’m not that lucky yet, to eat for free. Just wanna pen it down based on my own experience and share it with you. 🙂


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