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Calendula Cream – It’s really a SAVIOUR !

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This is not a sponsored post ! I want to write up a review for this product because it really works on my child.

I am not sure about other kids but mine, has been very curious about his penis after he started diaperless. He would ask about it during showering, he knows only boys have it and girls has vaginal. Yes, we teach the proper words.

Maybe because of the underwear ( i can’t find seamless underwear ), maybe because he is more sensitive, he told me he feels funny and he always touch down there. I notice he hardly does it whenever he wears long trousers. Most of the time, he wears shorts and these are made by cotton. He rubs it often too. I read some articles about boys touch their penis out of curiosity. I follow the advices given by the experts. The experts said they would know it is not nice to do it in the public but discreetly when they reach 3yo, no scolding or punishment to prevent negative thought about their body ( private ) parts.

This part is quite true BUT … My poor boy hurts the skin around his penis and testes by scratching them. He feels funny but he doesn’t know how to “manage”. I felt so bad and I was desperate ! He told me he doesn’t want to see a doc and insisted on putting powder. I was so lost and he was screaming in pain, I almost wanted to call daddy home! At that moment, I saw California Baby Calendula Cream, I remember it was given by my sister and she said this is really good for skin. I quickly read through the label and after lots of coaxing, he allowed me to apply on his broken skin. Seconds later, he stopped crying. Second application in the afternoon was even easier, he even removed his pants voluntary.

Before bed, I checked again and the skin healed nicely! Very slight redness seen but he didn’t complain of pain or anything! California Baby Calendula Cream is really a saviour! If only I take note of it’s present, my son doesn’t need to suffer for so long.


One thought on “Calendula Cream – It’s really a SAVIOUR !

  1. tis is my all time fav too!

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