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Top 10 reasons for not able to lose weight

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1. Food – what else? Must be the weekly brunch and brekky.

2. Age – no, this is not an excuse, I really think this is one of the big reason ! As I get older, my metabolic rate drops.

3. Health – My health is not as good as before, probably need to do some blood test to check on my current status. I can’t walk as fast as before and I have no stamina.

4. Exercise – My left knee is giving me problem whenever I walk down the stairs. Yes, still jog like before but never try beyond 2km. Yet to see an orthopedist to have a proper diagnosis and treatment. I did consult my ex coll and he roughly told me what is wrong but that doesn’t count as he neither check on my knee ( physically ) nor run any diagnostic test. So besides swimming (which I don’t like because of chlorine) there is really nothing much I can do. Minimal excises = low metabolic rate

5. Housework – I used to do houseworks but no more as we have a helper. *bad idea*

6. Dog – I used to shower and groom our dog weekly. Each session takes up to 1 hour from washing to blow dry and combing. But now, weekly grooming is done by pet groomer. Smooch is growing older and his health is not as good as before. His body odour increases and we do not know how to eliminate that, we tried many brands of shampoo, and his shampoo is not cheap! When comes to mine, anything above $12 I will think twice but for him, I’ll just pay. But this is not helping at all, the pet groomer actually recommended 1 brand but again, without proper cleaning and drying process, it only leads to skin irritation and skin problem hence we decided to leave the job to the professionals. If we want to cut cost, I’m sure my manicure package will go first. LoL !!

7. Domestic Helper – now this is also a main reason why I become so lazy and fat. I don’t have to do a single thing at home except coaching and playing and reading to the children. I am so pampered that this helper insists on carrying everything including my bag, she doesn’t even want me to carry a single plastic bag. No, I didn’t let that happen, my bag, I carry. Seriously thinking of not hiring one, probably when Asher turn 3.5-4yo

8. Car – this is one of the culprit ! Because of you, I don’t walk as much as before ! But I walk for at least an hour every morning, at fast pace because I don’t like to be late to school.

9. Son – I don’t like to carry Asher. I hardly carry him even when he was a baby. He was not light, he was around 4 kg at 1 month old. I “bjorn” him all the time. Thanks Sam for the carrier. That explained why this boy can walk and walk and walk for 1 hour without complaint.

10. Hubby – It’s all boil down to having a great husband. 😛 He forever says I am not fat la, not chubby la. if I insists, he will tell me to go slimming centre. Yes, sponsor by him but I am not that desperate yet. Lately someone mentioned about acupuncture slimming method and he said if I die die want to try, go ahead. Needles?! I’ll jog first.

Happiness ? – no, I don’t mean all thin wives don’t have husband or happiness. It’s just me, ok? Happy = Eat more = Laugh = Eat More = Generate More Adipose Tissues. I remember it was once I complained of putting on weight, someone told me it is because I am living my life happily hence 幸福的女人是容易变胖妇。

Okay, 我是幸福的。


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