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For Sale – Micro G Bike plus

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Posting on behalf of friend, she has only 2 sets for sale. Act fast !! Only $300 each. Direct import.

Product Features (from amazon)
The Swiss-designed g-bike+ is probably the most innovative runner bike ever, perfect for preschool children learning to balance and ride.

The g-bike + offers exceptional quality construction, award-winning design with minimum weight; the g-bike+ weighs half as much as comparable models so it can be easily carried by hand or with a stroller as needed.

The g-bike+ is slightly taller than the original g-bike by micro and the handlebar and saddle are adjustable for additional height. The rubber knob is there to protect kids from injuries.

The g-bike + has larger 200mm wheels of highest quality polyurethene and is slightly taller than the original g-bike. A hand brake operates on the rear wheel.
The g-bike is as much an indoor toy – the wheels won’t leave any black marks on the floor. It is a mode of mobility for even the youngest child, indoors and out!


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