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Best Clinic Visit Ever

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We went to KKH ENT centre for follow up visit. Days before, we were discussing should we cancel or postpone the date as we didn’t want to waste our time and effort. For the last 2nd visit, we waited for very long to see Prof at NUH and we left without treatment, Asher was so reluctant to do the play auditory yet we paid for it. The last visit was with Dr Dawn in KKH, waiting time was ok, asher allowed doc to check but nothing we could do to remove the wax so we left with olive oil.

Today, we arrived early, okay, since I’m posting about waiting time in hospital, let me “share” something with all my readers. I’m not sure about other hospital but in KKH clinics, when you were told about your appointment time, come on the dot, if you waited for very long and started to be impatience, before you yell at the nurses or staff ( don’t know why never yell at doctors as they are the one who make you wait outside the room ) and tell them how long have you waited, you have to count from your appointment time. Yes, appointment time, not the time you arrive. If you can remember, besides having to run some blood test prior seeing the doc, you were told to come at xxpm/am. No one asked you to come early. Okay, I choose to go early as we didn’t want to be caught in the jam and we wanted to have nice brekky at pek kio market.

Our appointment to see Dr dawn was 930am. While waiting at the waiting area, my ex colleagues told me Dr dawn may not be able to come on time, she asked if I wanted another doctor to check on Asher. Well, I am not biased, I will be happy if we don’t need to wait for long. Within 5 minutes, Asher’s name was called and we went into the consult room. Greeted by Dr Viktor, who didn’t waste much of our time, had the wax removed and we happily left the room, except Asher. Yeah, we did what we have to do to “get things done”. Seriously, I’m not those who loves to talk talk talk in the room like as if the doc is your long lost friend. PR is important but sometimes, I prefer to get things done faster than wasting time. And I actually made myself very clear before I entered the room, haha, maybe Sabrina informed Dr Viktor.

Look at my invoice, we left the clinic at 935am. This is indeed my best clinic visit ever.


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