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Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest




Hate to say this but I’m officially on diet ! I used to count calories intake, I used to eat only 1 food at food court, I used to eat rice once a week, I used to drink only water and no soda, I used to be so health conscious and now, I am so slack and I don’t even dare to check on my health status.

From now onwards, I will be on diet, no fasting, just on diet. Eat little, I must remind myself to eat very little or max quarter of the amount. I must make sure I prepare the quantity before I start eating. I must drink lots and lots of water and I must go back to my ideal weight !

Damn, I’m so ashamed when I look at my weighing machine, I even blame my long hair for extra pounds. I was so going to throw the scale away until I found out it was not faulty. 😦

I took some pictures of myself and I need motivation! I am not alone this time round, my siblings are all in the same mode so I believe our mom knows what not to cook from now onwards !

Ben is going hate me, not now but soon as he keeps telling me he wants to bring me here and there.

Yeah, he started to update me everywhere he went and everything he ate. Lately, he even told me he want to bring me to “lomantic” places to chill out, just 2 of us. And yes, he doesn’t even mind I am fat. But I don’t like myself in the mirror!

I want to look good! I want to have at least a few really sexy clothes to wear for our date. I sound desperate? Yes, I am. My mood swings like roller coaster these days.


2 thoughts on “D.I.E.T

  1. hihi, me too wana loose weight. Let’s work hard together ya… 加油!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Angie ! Yes, determined to slim down! My target is 5 kilos! Boost my metabolic rate and cut down food intake by half.

    How about you? 🙂

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