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Just a HDB budget Tai Tai who wants to live her life to the fullest

Day 1 : Singapore – Krabi

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The BOYS at Changi T2 ! We checked in early and got a super good seats.
Once he seated, he asked for food ! LoL !!
And no matter how short the flight is, he has to sleep! This was the shortest flight, only 1.5hrs. I didn’t get to rest at all but I was happy because I hate taking flight.
Arrived Krabi Airport. Spent 600 baht on taxi to our resort. If you’re travelling on budget and have lots of time to kill, go for bus transfer, only 150B per person.
Around 40 min to reach the lovely resort. Pool access room was what I had been looking forward to. Asher loves it, as expected. He kept wanting to go for a dip and kept asking for his swimming costume.
Without wasting much time, we went for food hunting by Tuk Tuk, 20B per person. Asher loves the ride ! He told us he wanted to take Tuk Tuk all the time and he would say,” wow, so windy !”
At 3pm, there were nothing much to eat, most of the restaurants open for dinner. So when we found this Bamboo Restaurant (opposite Mcd) we sat down and quickly ordered some food as Asher’s last meal was around 630am but he was still lively and jumping around, I felt “hungry for him”. LoL !!
Pineapple Fried Rice
Pat Thai – with ketchup? Really tune to angmo taste!
Daddy asked for coffee and ordered again. I was too full to share the calories.
The weather was good after 4pm, I couldn’t find the sun. Haha. I observed the weather is cooler after 4pm, one can walk on the street without brolly.
Daddy wanted to go to the beach, he started looking for massage centre for me! Yeah, he wanted to bring Asher there only as he knows I don’t really like beach. So the wife had a not-so-good massage at Sunset Massage while the boys went to the beach.

We walked back to resort after that and Asher insisted to go to the pool so daddy brought him to the kid pool and then I had to order room service as we were too tired to walk out for dinner.
The quality of food was good and not expensive.
And daddy ordered more after Asher KO at around 730pm.
Daddy simply refused to call it a day, he walked to the nearest minimart and brought back a very huge coconut for supper.


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