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Day 2 : Boating Experience

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We went boating !!! Booked a tour to Hong Island via Speedboat at 2000B for 3 of us, they charge much higher during peak seasons.(1200B/900B) We were lucky, the weather was fantastic for all 5 days stay in Krabi. Low seasons : low hotel rate : not much people : no crowded Beach!

Picked up at hotel around 845am (by lorry) and we waited for a while as they needed to load the food ( yes, lunch provided ), drinks, snack and fruits.


Aonang Beach

Boarding time, oh yes, getting wet was the only way to get on !

Bye Bye Aonang !

This was the last Picture I took using my iPhone, no, my phone was okay. I was not as I had Seasick, as expected. Luckily I did not take any breakfast, otherwise, … (you know the rest)
The first stop at this red island or daeng island, probably named after these reddish coloured rocks. Daddy and Asher put on life jackets and went into the water. Crystal clear and lots of fish swimming around. I wanted so much to pick up my phone and take pictures but I was too sick to enjoy, the tour guide gave me a pill and a bottle of cold water. For the first time, I swallowed a pill, given by stranger without even thinking much. Yes, I was that sick !
Second stop at Pak Bia Island. I was feeling a lot better, alighted and rested on the rocks. I forgot to bring floor mat, actually a large piece of cloth is enough. The sands are rough, more like sharp pebbles and coral, hardly any shade, a bit tough for me as I don’t like sun, at all.

Asking for bread to feed the fish
Then naughty boy pretended to eat it
Happy boy was feeding fish


The third stop was Lading Island, most of the boats parked here for lunch. They washed the fruit with the sea water. The sea water was slightly oily and trust me, you won’t want to swim here. Snorkelling for some at the other side.


Simple yet delicious lunch, a bit salty, like chinese style, cooked by the Thais. Fruits were cut and served too.
Oh yes, the medicine works and I was feeling a lot better, good enough to take some shots during the bumpy rides.
Beautiful, picturesque Hong Lagoon. Quiet, peaceful and the speedboat slowed down for us to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Our last stop – Hong Island !
There are two beaches, lay side by side. One is like a pier for the boats and the other, paradise for the beach lovers! Sands are very soft and white, water is warm and crystal clear !
This is what happened if you throw a piece of bread into the water.
The fish lover was overwhelmed by them, all he wanted was to feed and catch them with his bare hands ! LoL !! I wished I bought more breads for him. (30B each big loaf)
Frankly, I was a bit scared as there were too many of them! We spent close to 2 hours here, a bit reluctant to leave. We didn’t even have enough time to visit the national park! We will be back for sure but I will need to pop some pills first. We were back to aonang around 3pm and a big lorry transferred all passengers back to their hotels.
I took a quick shower and off I walked out to look for Massage Corner. As I know it is located near Ben’s House, I asked around for the place. Finally, I made my way there and I was thrilled to see this signboard !
Literally at the corner !
20121003-131242.jpgThe price list for Massage Corner
The air con room at basement 1
After massage, I walked back to our room in less than 5 mins. asher refused to nap after boating so we decided to go out for a walk.

walking out of our resort to the main road
Ended up on Tuk Tuk ! Must ride daily, requested by Asher.
The “busiest street” in Aonang
Time for dinner. Street hawker?
That was it! We chose this one !
Menu – about half of what we paid in restaurants
Hyper after nap, refused to stay still. I almost fed him with local chilli padi. LoL !!
Fried Rice (again) for Asher and me
Seafood Salad ! Extremely spicy and yummy !
Pad Thai (again) for Ben
Cut fruits at only 20B per pack
Must Try Pancake by street hawker
Many customers but she took her time to cook each piece, that explained why her pancake looked presentable!
Super delicious and sinful pancake, 25B. Actually, pancake is prata ! They use ghee too.
Oh, this was the nightly affair! First night Ben got conned for 80B, on the next day onwards, we were shocked to get them at 30B each at roadside hawker. On the way to airport, the driver drove us to his friend’s place to buy fresh coconut at merely 15B !!!!


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