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He is so special to me…

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This week is really “tough” for us. I was so disturbed by some feedbacks from school about him. There are some I can just “put it aside” as I know it is just a phase but then I keep having the thought that maybe I should do something about it, then sometimes, I doubt if I am doing the right things. I am so tired. Sometimes I just wish I can give up trying and be like other mothers.

Asher is very special. I don’t know how to put it in words. There are something inside him, something waiting for us to find out ourselves. It’s challenging and time seems ticking very slowly. Daddy understands but nothing much he can do to make thing better. Sometimes, I wish I have a time machine, if only I can turn back the time a little bit, I would choose another path.

When I was so down and almost wanted to give up yesterday. He showed me another side of him. I hope he does the same thing in school too. One thing for sure, he has no learning disability, sometimes he can understand the concept by himself and reaches milestones like his peer. But when I was told he couldn’t stay still, my head just filled with lots of question marks.




One thought on “He is so special to me…

  1. he is special to me too.

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