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A – Z

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Not willing to start practising (writing) letter A to Z yet.

I mean I’m (still) not willing to get any workbooks for him to write countless A – Z. He has his whole year of 2013 to do that. Well, I assume this will be part of the homework from his kindy. At this moment, I find it a torture for him to do this.

Yesterday was a quiet day for us. He woke up close to 4pm so I thought we can just do one activity before dinner time. And this one took us close to 2 hours to complete !! I was trying my “luck”, because we rarely do this. He didn’t reject the idea but he didn’t pay attention throughout, that was why it took him to long to “complete”. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from him, maybe somewhere near M is good enough. I was glad I was firm and persistent (good or bad?), at least he knows mommy won’t give up or rather, give in to him easily. (Opps)


At 3yo, he can write A to Z without looking at the chart. He sang ABC song before he added each letter.

Asher, you always surprise mommy. 🙂


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