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Week of W – Water


For the week of W, Asher learns WHALE in school so I decided to teach something simple yet essential, water. Instead of water play, I prepared 2 bowls and a spoon. Yes, practical life – transferring. No pouring, it’s way too easy for him, as he doesn’t want to self feed, he hasn’t master the skill or the the proper way of holding a spoon. Looks like I will do this frequently and I can leave him alone for a while, of course I must remind him not to wet everywhere.




4 thoughts on “Week of W – Water

  1. Hi Mommy Diana, chanced upon your blog when i researching for Appletree playgroup. Your boy is so smart! See his artworks and he knows how to write A-Z at age 3!! Applause!
    How is your feedback of Appletree 2hr playgroup? Do they teach Chinese in class? My boy is going to Appletree playgroup next year in Jan13! 🙂

  2. Hi shilin,

    Thanks for your kind words. Hope you can get some ideas for art & craft from my humble blog. It’s easy to prepare and engaging for most kids. Sharing on blog not only can share with all readers, it is also for me to keep the memories.:)) hope you don’t find my blog too cluttered.

    All kids progress differently. Some are late bloomers. As for our son, he has his strength and weakness too. 🙂 follow his cue and go advance on what he is good at is what I do all the time, of course sometimes I push my luck a little, like asking him to write a- z, I was not suppose to do that. 😛 some children can write way before they turn 3yo.

    Apple tree has many branches in Singapore with different teachers and helpers. For the centre my son goes to, teacher siti (Malay) doesn’t teach Chinese but the aunty speaks only mandarin to Chinese children. They do sing Chinese song occasionally. As far as I know, teachers have meeting with school on monthly basis, to tell them what is the theme and teaching materials, so all kids who attend the school, regardless which branch, are doing the same craft works, using the same workbooks. We all know everyone is different so as the teachers. Some teachers can handle better while some not. Some classes have smaller group while some have bigger group. (ratio is 2:14 for my son’s class)

    Some schools has term theme, teaching only underwater (for example) for the whole 12 weeks but they cover a lot from the theme and children usually know a lot about it after the term ends.

    My advice is keep track on the what they teach. When they are learning colors, shapes, weather, days of the week… They do it in 1-2 weeks. It’s like weekly theme. So it is easy for you to reinforce at home. We started way earlier before he goes apple tree, that’s why I have to keep doing research and think what we can do at home. Overall, apple tree playgroup is not bad, reasonable price, they teach the basic concepts, something everyone can do at home but in school, they learn to greet, interact, follow instruction, sing and simple poem/rhymes. Children change a lot from 2-3 yo, enjoy !

  3. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for your feedbacks!
    Reading your blog has given me idea to do art n crafts with my boy at home. Thanks!!!

    Most useful is your records of your boy’s progress in Appletree. Your boy’s school at woodlands? Did i read it somewhere or i see wrong?

    Anyway my boy will be going to Woodlands’ branch @ Bllk 504 next year. Now he’s going to weekends activity classes @ kinderland. He adapts very well there but it’s parent-accompanied classes. Got to know their pre-nursery class too. The school enviroment over there seems better than Appletree’s small room.
    Will see how is the progress at Appletree. 🙂

  4. Yes. He is at blk 728 now. I believe you’re the best person to decide what is best for your child. Check with them on the vacancy so at any point you wish to change school, you may do so. 🙂

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