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D.I.E.T – BMI Update


BMI – 25.7 (before diet)
07th day – 24.7
14th day – 24.6
15th day – 25.1 (back from krabi)
17th day – 24.6
19th day – 24.6
22nd day – 24.2
34th day – 23.7

Slightly more than a month, I almost reach my own target ! (BMI – 23)

Looks like I can aim for 21.9, maybe not. Because I like how I look now, yes, happy enough. Last week, someone asked if I was pregnant and another approached me and asked if I wanted to sign up any slimming program. Okay, maybe I should just accept the fate that I’m chubby, regardless what number shows on the scale.


2 thoughts on “D.I.E.T – BMI Update

  1. Don’t let the body mass index (BMI) discourage you. It has been proven to be an inadequate measure of body composition and health (Mine considers me to be overweight lol). As a trainer I suggest you throw out your scale and let the mirror be the judge 🙂 If you need any help with your weight loss goals visit my blog or feel free to email me directly 🙂 Good luck to you on your journey.

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