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Learning Solar System

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I am not good at Science but I’m learning it all over again together with Asher. Daddy loves everything Science and willing to teach us. We’ll try to be good students. lol !!

Few months ago, we went to book fair and daddy told me to get this book :

Daddy told me he wanted to teach our son a little bit about solar system. I was happy of course, despite his busy schedule, he makes time for Asher. At the same time, I came across this mat from Mothercare :

Oh my, Asher loves this mat so much. He would look at it, point, ask a lot of questions. This was recorded yesterday:

Daddy said at this age, we just need to let him know the basic like names of the planet, which is the biggest/smallest, where do we live.

Asher can name them in correct sequence and I thought of getting some models of the planets and let him explore more but I find him a little too young to handle delicate models. Let’s see if I can jigsaw puzzles for him.


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