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34th Birthday !

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Ben is 34yo. No fancy party and cake were his request. I thought, maybe as one grows older, he/she may wish to do it quietly. But to him, that’s only part of the reason. Yes, do it quietly as it reminds him his real age, that he is really “that old” and yet, not “successful” in life.

I do not agree with him. I told him he is happily married, he is a wonderful father to our child, a fantastic husband to me, he has a complete family and he has his career. Of course I reminded him that he is a sole breadwinner in the family, supporting us financially, because of him, we are staying at a rather big unit, we no longer walk under the sun and rain as he bought us a 4-wheel.

Successful doesn’t measure by which brand of car we drive, what kind of housing we stay and which popular school our child goes to. You are giving us lots of happiness when you spend time with us, thinking of us even when you are busy. To me, you are a successful one. You’re ambitious and always try your best.

“Daddy, because of you, we have everything we need and almost everything we want. We don’t need you to bring back millions of dollars, we just want you to be home safety every evening. ”

Happy 34th Birthday !

I hope you like the set I ordered for you at Wild Honey.


Plenty of loves and kisses from us

Smiles always !



One thought on “34th Birthday !

  1. well said, Di.

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