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Enrichment Program


Nat told me if I want to send Asher for enrichment classes, make sure I know what are these classes for.

I carefully read through the information of this lists of enrichment lessons available at EK.


Then I went through the school curriculum again. On my mind, if one goes to school 3-4 hours daily to learn Maths, English, Chinese; why is there a need to sign up extra classes?

Nat reminded me that I must have faith in the school before I send my child there, I must trust the teachers that they will nurture and guide him. If the teachers are teaching phonics in class, there is no need to go “I can read”, because by learning phonics and blending words in school, they are learning how to read, so, why pay extra? If one has no confident in school, might as well stop schooling and go to numerous enrichment centre to have the best of all?

I foresee myself maybe doing less home teaching next year, likely to reinforce what he learns from school, more hands on activities, learn something different from school, read more books and go outdoor frequently.

If he shows more interest in enrichment classes like art, swimming, music. We may let him join other classes. As for now, he has 2 extra classes for next year, the speech & drama classes in English & Mandarin. Hooray ! Weekends are “free day”.


2 thoughts on “Enrichment Program

  1. These activities will be enough to last him a while.


  2. Ya. I assume no structure learning for this classes. Hope he enjoys.

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