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Home Learning, When & Why?


It was all started because of my sister who is a FTWM, she works long hours but she is able to spend quality time with her precious almost every night. After few years, it becomes a routine and her girl has grown to be independent when comes to reading and completing her home works. This doesn’t happen overnight. There is no magic, we have to start doing it from young and it takes years to cultivate such good habit and mindset that home works is not a chore to them. Okay, home works/worksheets/ projects is part of the student’s life. No, I didn’t say children especially preschool children. I know, “children learn through play”. Some may not agree with us, to start learning things like reading or the basic concepts from young. I still believe we have to do it at their pace, if they show no interest, then start the wait campaign. Teach at the right time, they pick up fast and you will be surprised. I am a SAHM, if my sister can do it despite her busy schedule, I can too. It is a bonding time to us. Maybe I was wrong too, to start asking a toddler to sit down and stay focus, i know some people do not agree with this, well, at least I did not force him, I am just lucky to have a kid who loves to colour, paint, listen to story, cut, paste and do everything I prepared. Now, I know which activities are his favourite and what are things he is not ready to learn.

Home learning/teaching is suppose to be fun and do it at our own pace. I recalled when I started our learning session together, it used to be fun, no frill and we did it at anytime of the day. When did I start home learning? I think when he was around 16.5mo, from 10 minutes to an hour or sometimes more than that as he grows older.

Many months ago, I found out so many people are doing “extensive” home teaching, they share their books, learning materials and ideas, I was overwhelmed. Ideas flow into mind and I just can’t wait to buy or DIY more learning materials at home. Sometimes things didn’t go that well and I got pretty upset over it. I almost forgot the main reason I started home learning session at home. Stress level went up hill and it was too much for me to handle. That was the time I decided to put a stop, yes, stop thinking. That period, I just let Asher play and play and play at home and at the playground.

Since then, I remind myself not to forget my objective of home learning. I truly believe that it is very important for me to stay happy as my son can sense my mood. Asher always tell me he wants me to be happy. And when I am happy, he is happy, when he is happy, he does better in everything.

On 29.10.12, Asher drew a mouse.
Asher drew a TV with a switch below. (Exactly like our Samsung) and he told me he wrote a H below.
Asher wrote a t and traced the corner.
Asher drew a kite and wrote KITE as I spelt it to him.
Pushed my luck again. Surprised to see the answer.
Asher was so happy to get it right. He took this piece and told popo,”popo, 1 plus 1 equal to 2.”
Oh, there is one thing he learns when mommy is upset over his behaviour. ( eg. scream, push Brycen, slam the door, whine non stop)

1. Sit in the room
2. cross the legs
3. recite number 1 to 50
4. say sorry to mommy
5. Leave the room when he is calm


4 thoughts on “Home Learning, When & Why?

  1. i hope i can be like ur sis too, what will be a good age to start? 2 years old?

  2. Hey chin, just start now! After your working hours, have your dinner and then sit down and do “anything” with your child. 😉

  3. You are doing great, Di. In fact, more than great. You are very creative and the activities you come up with are very impressive.

    You keeping A busy is a good thing. Now, must teach him to meditate. Teach you something this weekend. 🙂

  4. All the stuff are resources I found and read online. Everyone is sharing so it is easier for me.:P then I share from my blog so more people will benefit ! 😀

    Ya, meditate. He has short temper like me. Must be me who influence him. 😦

    Now I teach him to breath in and put and stay at one place to calm himself. Maybe I should do the same.

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