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November Spree – Ralph Lauren

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I bought a pair of shoes for Asher from RL months ago, everything was okay except the size! Such a careless mom I was, now the shoes can only be wore when Asher turns 4-5yo. I decided to purchase another pair, 2 pairs actually, at half a size different, I hope I get it right this time.
Then I remember his old polo are quite small for his size, not tight but he has grown taller, somewhere 102-104cm, so, with additional 15% discount, I just ordered 4 polo for him. I like the material, they don’t run bigger or shrink. Asher doesn’t like the tag so daddy helps to remove it. The slip on are comfy and casual, matches any long pants or shorts but looks a bit cheapo as the polo words behind will tear soon after he walks. Okay, I shouldn’t complain so much for something less than $50, if you ask me will I buy it off the shelf, for more than $100, no is my answer. As for the suede slippers, it is softer and more comfy, with some discount, it is really a steal. Don’t miss the Fall Sale, log in to purchase before the sale ends on Monday. Happy Shopping !!



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