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Our Helper Is A Princess

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Yes, I called her princess because she behaves like one. LoL !!

1. For the first week, she showed me her hands and complained about the detergent. Okay, gloves and hand lotion given.

2. Soon after that she told me her heels cracked. Okay, lotion and slippers provided.

My previous 2 helpers didn’t have this “princess” problem. So I am right, she never works as a housemaid before, in fact, she has never work in her whole life. She was a student and the eldest at home, so when she had to stop her year 10 in Myanmar, she came to Singapore to earn money for herself and for her family.

3. She claimed that she cannot eat too much pork, otherwise, she will have stomachache. We later found out that was not true.

4. Fussy eater?

She chooses food, throw away more than half when I buy mixed rice. 1 big pack boonlay nasi lemak she says not enough. Always skip meals, says she is “like that” but whenever we go out, everything she wants to try. But what happened when I ordered noodles soup for 2 Saturdays? She refused to eat on the 3rd Saturday.

I almost send our princess back to her agency for these :

1. She wants to go out and meet cousin (contract stated no off day) I said no and she cried.

2. She wears my carrot. You bet, that stone is 1 carat.

3. She keeps showing her super black face.

4. After a long talk to change her attitude and take all feedbacks positively, she still shows black face.

5. She wears shorts that doesn’t belong to her at my house. Yeah, sexier than me for sure!

Will anyone believe that no one scolded her for the first 5 months with us? Yes, we did not scold our helper for 5 months! Not that she was very good at housekeeping, we just simply closed both eyes. Until we can’t help it, we told her nicely that what was not done and which one needed to redo, without limited her to complete the task on the same day. Even simply thing like teaching her how to wash the pot using Cif offends her. At one point, she showed black face for whole day, did housework with “full force” just because someone in the house forgot/did not acknowledge her when she greeted. How absurd! She even refused to take her lunch and dinner when she was “angry”!

Oh, another thing that pissed me off, she cries, to be exact, hide and cries for no reasons. Like as if I abused her. Her charcoal face and working attitude really drove me up the ceiling. I finally told myself no need to keep feeling so work up because of maid, not worthy at all. I sat down and told her off, let her know I was very cross with her working attitude, if she continues to behave like this, she can go fly kite ! She apologized and asked for another chance to work with us.

Yes, I gave in again. But unlike before, I do not allow her to show me her colour face, whenever I sense her “anger”, I will tell her firmly to redo whatever she is doing and do it gently. I give her option, whenever I see anything not done correctly (dirty dishes, bottles…) does she want me
1. To scold her then get things done ?
2. To inform her then get things done ?

She chooses the latter so she jolly well does her job nicely and no more charcoal face in my house !


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