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Happy Diwali !

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When I was told to let Asher wear festive costume, I know exactly what I was going to get for him, the only problem was : where to get it?

I bravely took a train to Little India on Deepavali with Asher. I told myself if the crowd was scary, we would leave and head to Chinatown.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t much human traffic despite pouring. Asher was so obedient, he probably knew his mom won’t be able to make it if he sleep, or maybe the lights and decoration kept him awake, I didn’t have any problem with stairs as Asher got out from his pram when he saw them. Have I mentioned it is always nice to go shopping with Asher? Hehe

Due to the rain, I gave up mustafa, I wanted to go there, then I was told there might be crowded. We went Tekka Market, thinking there might have a few odd balls running business on their big day. Woohoo ! I was so right !20121114-091054.jpg20121114-091101.jpg20121114-091111.jpg
The shop I went to had wide range of indian costumes. The prices were not fixed, can bargain. But I can’t be bother, the sales girl gave me different prices on the same piece, I finally got it when she quoted me the lowest price, $25. I wanted to get a set for daddy but unsure about his size. We will definitely be back, I must convince daddy to come here, who says Little Indian is crowded on Deepavali ? 🙂



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