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Product Review : Bio-Oil


Like many of you, I don’t know Bio-Oil until I recieved an invite from Lay Peng & Bio-Oil to join them for brunch at Spruce.



Bio-Oil is formulated with natural plant oils. From Left to Right, there are Rosemary, Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula. This were displayed on the tables for us to touch and smell. I won’t go into details of each plants here, I believe everyone knows these are soothing, help in relaxing…


Look at the packing :

“PurCellin Oil” is printed on it. What’s that? It’s a formula of Bio-Oil, using the extract of plant and vitamins and this ingredient makes Bio-Oil light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. How to apply : just apply resonable amount on the skin area and rub in circular motion. ( don’t forget to smell it after use, heaven! )

I started using Bio-Oil the very next day. I am not prone to scarring and I do not have any stretch marks but there is this funny dot on my leg, I know it was due to scratching, I used it diligently and I could see the scar is fading. Yes, it is an old scar so totally disappearing is not possible (i think) but it definitely improves the appearance of the skin. Honestly, I was sold ! I not only use it on my face, my hands and legs, I also use it for my very dry cuticles, fyi, my nails are “gelish free” since Oct. I even used Bio-Oil on my 3yo son. Look at this horrible photo taken 2 weeks ago after shower.

We didn’t know he was allergic to this famous baby brand. I applied Bio-Oil on his shoulders and chest for smoothing and keeping it moist as the skin appears to be a little dry. Hours later, the rashes vanished.

Now I am using it on Asher’s mosquitoes biting marks. For some unknown reasons, I caught 20 of them in my bathroom in one eventful evening. In case you are wondering, there were 30 dots on both of his legs! And Bio-Oil comes in handy (in this case). I toss this little bottle in my handbag and bring it everywhere with me. (please note that Bio-Oil is safe for children above 2yo)

The event was held next day we came back from Krabi, if only I know Bio-Oil, I would have brought this beauty along for our trip. That’s right, Bio-Oil can be applied right after sun exposure, not only to keep our skin moisture, it also helps in soothing. All along, I thought only Aloe Vera is good for after-sun, now I know Bio-Oil works the same too.

Thanks Lay Peng and teams for the Brunch and sharing session. And thanks for the first aid pack too. I learnt a lot from it and I am so glad to know Bio-Oil and here I am, sharing it to all my readers, family and friends.


A group photo before we bid good-bye. Ops, I am the most katek one. Erm, don’t ask me why did I carry the box. LOL

SGD15.50 for 60ml, I would say this is one of the most affordable skin care/ first aids product in the market now. Grab a bottle (at watsons or guardian) and try it yourself or make this a Christmas Gift to your family and friends. I am sure they will love it at first sight try !


2 thoughts on “Product Review : Bio-Oil

  1. does it helped for the mosquitoes biting marks??
    i know bio-oil is good for stretchmarks only. :p

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