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EK Orientation for 2013

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A month ago, we went to EK for the orientation. Every time I step into the school, I love it. Love the surrounding and love the new building. The classes in EK are from pre nursery to kindergarten 2. As soon as we arrived, we looked for Nursery Topaz booth.

I collected a handout, some program run by some enrichment centre, a name tag.

We were then ushered to their hall at level 3.

The principle ran through the handout with all parents using slides, highlighted some important rules and then speech given by some enrichment centre teachers to share with us what are their program about.


20121029-155258.jpgAsher sat quietly with daddy.

Then it was time for us get new sets of uniforms.

Followed by payment in another room, this room will be Asher’s classroom in 2013.

Teacher Janice will be Asher’s form teacher and 吴老师 is the Chinese teacher.



One thought on “EK Orientation for 2013

  1. I feel excited already! hehehe though it is not me who is going to school.

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