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In Love with double C


All started when Ben asked me what bag do I want to buy. Yeah, I didn’t buy any bag or eyeing at any bag earlier this year. Weird or what? I used to buy one new bag each year, ranging from $300-$1k. I didn’t know why I did not want any bags or accessories.

Then somewhere in June, I saw a black tote, it was a Chanel classic bag called Grand Shopping Tote. I fell in love with the quilted leather tote, so much so that I just bought it locally instead of waiting my friend to bring it back from Paris. Yeah, I was that crazy !

Until I held it with my own hands, heavy was my first impression. instead of admiring my most expensive bag ever, i started looking for flaws and eventually gave myself excuses to sell it away. I thought, having a fat aunty figure just couldn’t carry out the beauty of this classic GST. In fact, I do think that fat woman like me shouldn’t get it at all, it doesn’t look nice on me, people probably think this aunty got her Chanel from pasar malam. yeah, women with extra cash and extra fat really look funny with it, no matter how you carry it. so I told myself to even forget about WOC (read : wallet on chain) Thank God I managed to sell it.

At that time, I do remember I saw other classic designs, those flaps in 5 sizes and their prices… I thought only insane women will buy it. Until we walked into their boutique, touched it… okay, the rest were history.

Oh my god! I think I have started to like this quilted bags! My last year Christmas wish list was T&C jewelry and this year, My christmas comes slightly early, I got a CC jewelry
and a classic flap, black with ghw in medium size. Yes, again, I didn’t trouble friend to lug back from Europe, of course I know the prices are lower after Vat returned and the exchange rate is good. Been there, done that, I waited 2 months for my refund. Such a pain. Moreover, what if OOS? There is no secret, with the prices soaring high, ( approx S$6.5k) there is no way I can convince myself to get another big ticket item just like that. I called myself lucky for not able to get hold of that particular model I want. Yeah, I got mine online at much lower price. Not wanting to share the website openly at my blog as I am not affiliate to it, definitely not writing an ad for now. You can pm me if you want the link.

Anyway, I want thank hubby for it. I swear this is not an impulse buy, I know I want it. I promise I won’t get any bag in 3 2 years times. Love December, the seasons of giving…


2 thoughts on “In Love with double C

  1. hi, can share the link with me?

  2. Will email you shortly

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