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Christmas Theme – Christmas Tree Decoration

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Asher is excited about Christmas, the songs, books, decoration at the malls, presents in beautiful wrapping papers and of course, the trees. Everywhere he goes, there are christmas decorations, love the atmosphere here although I prefer to walk into Macy’s and listen to Christmas songs even before I enter the shopping mall.

Since last week, Asher keep telling us he wants to decorate christmas tree so here we are digging out everything we have from the under stairs store room, and spent a whole afternoon doing up the house. 20121205-221632.jpg
Happily decorating his Christmas tree while daddy and I working on another bigger tree.
Nicely done up !
Completed with our DIY cards
Our very unique Christmas tree looks so much better this year with lights !
Extra ornaments? Our gate looks better during Christmas seasons.
Merry Christmas !
$2.50 each from Watsons, I bought 4 for our glass windows. How can we miss out Santa, snowman, reindeer ?


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