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Christmas Playland @ Causeway Point

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Christmas Playland @ Causeway Point ! I am so glad there is a big shopping mall around our hood, I am glad this shopping mall has Christmas workshops and I don’t have to travel far.
When Asher first saw the setup, he knew this is a playground and he said he wanted to play. I didn’t check the timing and the first time we came here, it was around 2pm and the time slots were almost all taken up. I then thought maybe Asher didn’t know mommy is not allowed in the playland, if he knows, he may not want to go in alone. BUT I WAS WRONG! After explaining to him, he said,”Asher remove shoes now?”
At that moment, I just know we gotta come back again, and come back early to get a slot for Asher.

These are the time slots available daily till Christmas day.



Arriving more than an hour earlier than the ticket selling time, after brekky at McDonalds, I queued in line at 1215pm and booked 2 slots for Asher. If you buy 2 slots, the 3rd entry is FREE and with this passport, you can participate in the lucky draw and stand a chance to win a 3D2N Hong Kong family getaway.


2 slots = 1 hour. This boy had so much fun that he asked me why did we have to leave the playland.


Look, he even enjoyed picking up balls.


busy busy picking balls


Swing ! His first attempt, not too bad. 🙂


Purchasing next day ticket was not allowed but the 3rd slot I booked for Asher was cancelled as someone vomited in the play area. So we were told to come back the next day. And guess what, Asher found friend to play with. I saw them walking together, running after each other and…


I almost screamed!


aww, so lovey dovey. I thought Asher was pushing him. The boy was slightly older than Asher but he was such a good boy. He gave way to Asher and they played TOGETHER.


Some kids are just so good and like to take good care of other younger kids. Asher doesn’t have any young sibling but he grows up with younger cousin Brycen. As he grows older now, he too started to mention about the little cousin all the time. He even told me what present he wants us to buy for Brycen, claiming that was what Brycen told him. LOL.



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