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MRI Scan @ Mount Alvernia


I shall cut the story short, all I can say is – THE DOCTOR FROM RAFFLES MEDICAL IS A BI*CH ! I will not visit any RAFFLES MEDICAL doctor anymore. I may fax my report to that stupid doctor who said,” I don’t think a MRI will help to find out anything on your knee.”

Okay, yesterday was my first visit to Mount Alvernia. Everything was quite smooth. All the staff at Diagnostics Imaging were very attentive, as well as the staff at OPD. I left my referral letter in the car, without much delay, they arranged a doc to see me as MRI scan required a request form from any doc.
First time in my life, I was advised to sit on the wheelchair and the staff wheeled me up and down. I told them I can walk but they said I was there with an injured knee and required a MRI, so I just sit on a wheelchair. I don’t remember I was offered that during my visit in KKH, I was in for uterine bleeding for 2 pregnancies. Anyway, they insisted so I was a nice obedient patient for the day.

The MRI scan experience was good. No cannulation insertion was a blessing to me, I hate that. The process took around 25 minutes, I was given a headset to listen to some music, almost went into deep sleep. 🙂 After the scan, I was told to see doctor after an hour for the result. As I was still on the wheelchair, the staff was so kind that he offered to wheel me to the nearest cafeteria for my tea break. HAHA. But I rejected the offer and told him I would love to have mine at Orchard. Ben and Asher came to pick me and we headed to Orchard. I failed to return to Mount A for my report due to a sudden heavy pouring in the evening. Called the clinic and I shall be there today.

As expected, I was seen by a doc within 5 minutes upon arrival. The doc saw the report and films, told me the diagnosis and suggested I consult an orthopedic surgeon. Sigh, I was hoping the report to be okay, I mean, I know something is wrong but the last thing I want is meniscus tear. “Horizontal tear of the lateral meniscus”, I have only 2 choices, conservative treatment or surgery. Non invasive treatment will be physiotherapy to strengthen my quadriceps muscle, another will be surgery which is a simple one but required to do under GA. I can still walk, no more heels, excessive walking and climbing stairs/hill for me, I really hope I can skip the surgery. The recovery period is 2-3 months or maybe longer. Here I found an illustration to explain to Ben why I stopped jogging for months.


2 thoughts on “MRI Scan @ Mount Alvernia

  1. is this why yang is also in pain? sigh… he is hurting all over.

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