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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

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I thought of skipping this post actually. I am so lazy to recall what we have done in year 2012. Time flies, it was like yesterday when I prepared Asher’s new uniform but it wasn’t from Appletree this time. 🙂

Well, this is our year 2012…

– Asher graduated from Appletree Playgroup !
– I used up more than half of our medical fund
– I had my first MRI scan in Mt. A
– We visited Shanghai again
– We celebrated Asher’s 3rd birthday in Krabi
– We finally brought Asher to Hong Kong Disneyland
– We brought my mom to Hong Kong & Shenzhen
– Ben got promoted & pay adjustment
– I quit (again) and have been a SAHM since 14th Feb
– I shed 20lbs and I can finally fit into shorts
– I stopped running as I torn my meniscus
– Ben got me not 1, but 3 things from CC
– I live without any credit card
– We got pretty good return from our investment
– One and only staycation of the year at The Fullerton Hotel

I/We didn’t
– Conceive
– Travel far for holiday
– Get my driving License
– Get a new family car
But we are glad
– with my knee condition, I can’t imagine what will happen if I add another 20lbs
– travelling costs money, a lot of money if we travel far for long period
– car is a liability

We want/wish/hope
– sleep early, wake up early, start our day early
– bring Asher to the park weekly
– save more vitamin M
– travel once a year (instead of 3 times)
– a CJ for my birthday
– stay healthy
– stay pretty
– more staycation ?

We hope for health in year 2013 and wish everyone in the family to stay happy and healthy too. Happy New Year !



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