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First Buffet of 2013 @ Nanxiang Dumpling Restaurant

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Ben and I patronised Nanxiang Dumpling Restaurant when we visited Shanghai twice. If you know where it is (in Shanghai), the restaurant has 3 levels. For the last time, we were brought to the “highest floor” and the charges for XLB are based on which floor is your seating and yes, we were “carrot” on that day. I tried those at first floor – really cannot make it, the “pork smell” was overwhelming, you can tell that they are using low grade minced meat. The second level XLB has better quality of course, go for it if you won’t want to waste time queueing and don’t mind paying double ( but still cheaper than Sg ). I still remember I had so much time to kill hence I chose to queue, I couldn’t bring myself to take the second bite and I threw everything away.

Few weeks before New Year, my sister sent me this menu and we decided to dine in Nanxiang Dumpling Restaurant. Of course this is located in Singapore. LOL !! Below is the ala carte buffet menu I got it online from their Facebook page.

Nanxiang drunken chicken, Chilled tofu with century eggs, Black pepper fried siew mai, Spicy dumpling with chilli oil, Chicken feet

Sweet & sour pork, Pork rib, Braised lion’s head, Pan Fried dumpling, Braised duck wings


Pan fried char siew bao, Char siew bao, Siew mai with fish roe, Yang chow fried rice


Har kow, Scallop soup, Xiao Long Bao, Carrot Cake, Fry sliced duck meat


Desserts ! Glutinous rice ball in sweet wine, almond logan jelly, Chingteng, Osmanthus jelly

Lastly, taking photos for all of us. All happy and well fed. The food was nothing to rave about, the quality (staff and food) was below expectation. Don’t think we will come back again. But we were all happy because we were able to have a “reunion lunch”. Looking forward to another reunion lunch before CNY.

These were taken near National Library. Just in case you are wondering, no, I am not pregnant and yes, I know I look like one.


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