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Asher Goes to EK !

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0201.Day 1
Asher knew we were going to new school and all excited. He told me it was raining and insisted to wear his boots. Luckily he reminded me about the boots, I couldn’t imagine what will happen to his brand new white shoes if he were to wear it and walked 3 bus stops journey in the rain.
After we arrived, we handed his bottle to teacher and Asher sat in line with his classmates. He was okay but some kids were not, he started weeping and the moment he spotted me, he refused to let me go. I was then forced to go into his classroom with him. Teachers brought the kids to the toilet and followed by a tea break, by the time he came back from toilet break, he was okay without me in the classroom. He drank milo and had some rice cracker distributed by teachers. They also said prayer before eating. Parents were advised to wait for the kids at pick up area. I picked up a happy kid before we went home together.
0301.Day 2
We arrived the school on the dot. After putting his bottle at the designated tray, he sat down with his classmates. Teacher took over and gave me an okay sign to leave. Asher said bye bye and I went to hide. He did look for me but I didn’t show up. Then I saw teacher brought him to the toilet and after that, all lined up and walked to the lift. Honestly, I was so proud of him.
0401.Day 3
The day he decided to ride his balancing to school. We arrived earlier and he was so reluctant to let go my hands, that explained why no photos were taken. He whined and cried but still, he held teacher hand and went up the lift. I had no idea why he cried, maybe it was his mood or maybe he saw other kids crying too. Picking him up was a breeze, happily riding home.
0701.Day 4
We arrived school early and we spent some time checking out the compound. When it was about time, I walked Asher to the assembly area and I stepped out of the barrier. He started to weep but I learnt my lesson, I stepped back and let him calm himself down. The warming up session (singing, greeting, praying, jumping/dancing) was good, he soon forgot about mommy. When he was walking towards the lift, I took his photo and he turned around, waved goodbye and said,” bye mommy, see you later alligator!”
Hah ! See the bossy boy !
0801.Day 5
Arriving school early means playground time before assembly. Asher told me the slide was wet so he explored other thing on the slide. This day, all parents were advised to stand outside the barrier. I braved myself to stand in front, Asher saw me but he was okay, he was all smiling. I was so glad, no more meltdowns. The sweet little girl was Asher partner, her name is Lavelle.
Pick up time again, happy to see mommy, so was I.
0901.Day 6
This day, Asher chose little red hen storybook. As soon as all the children arrived, they started to sing, pray and do some movement. All I can say is my boy is not the “high 5” kid.:P
Wondered what they did this day as Asher earned a star !

1001.Day 7
It was Thursday and every Thursday is PE day. Asher was so cute in his PE entire. As usual, I read to him while we are on our way to school. He is more settled down and his partner of the day is a girl named Charis. After school, Asher told me he hit a girl, he hit the girl because the girl hit him, I got a shock but yet to find out from teacher. Maybe I should wait for the teacher to tell me, otherwise I may appear to be a kancheong mommy. Oops !
1101.Day 8
ABSENT ! See next post…


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