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狗眼看人低 !


I have so many post dated blog post to write but now, I have to put them all aside. No idea what was wrong with Facebook, I missed few replies as I did not get any notification. This evening I was searching for the “status history” apps and it leaded me see 2 replies from my post :
Bad things? What bad things did I list down on my post?

Stupid remark? What kind of “respectless” remark did I post? (If there is even this word in dictionary)



Can anyone with a sound mind and educated tell me what’s wrong with my post? What have I posted to get insulted like this !
We did not really enjoy our stay in the hotel for various reasons. The one who got “first hand news” was Katherine, she touched down Singapore and hand carried my CC bag from Europe, I thanked her so much and somehow, we started to talk about the staycation. I wasn’t even checked out yet at that moment.

1. furnishing
Very rundown. The TV console as well as the bed frame. Classic yes, heritage yes but no one expect a worn out furnishing from a 5 star hotel.

2. car park
I am sure we were not the one complaining about car park coupon. Paying guests asked to pay $8 for overnight parking?! You need all your fellow Singaporeans guests to walk to the concierge to show ID and ask for coupon? Dude, most of us drive or at least ask if we need any.

3. buffet
Buffet was included in the room rate but the staff made a mistake by not checking it properly and told us breakfast was not included. I was not with Ben at time of checking in, I only found out later, around 5pm. Ben called them from our room but we were told to head down to the front desk. We did.

4. service
No apology for the mistake. No follow up after giving all informations they need. I should be anal and tell them to check with ! To make thing easy, I showed them my confirmation email on my iphone and the staff requested me to email to Fullerton, no sorry, no thank you or whatsoever, she just walked back to her front counter, yes! She didn’t tell me if there is any breakfast coupon or not, she didn’t even tell me the buffet is at TOWN and where the hell the restaurant was. It was a complimentary breakfast and we were like yao gui ! Best part, we did not get any follow up on the breakfast so we called from the room on the next morning, the answer was,”yes, the breakfast is included. Thank You.” Hello? Did you forget to ask,”anything else we can help you, sir?” What a brilliant staff they have.

5. bed & pillows
Hard bed and extremely soft pillows that all 4 got flatten and the whole night, I kept adjusting them. I later found out they have pillow selection but not a word mentioned about such service!

6. Anderson bridge
Those on my Facebook can see my timeline photos, I was at the lobby of the hotel in the middle of the night ! Why? Besides the pillows, it was so freaking noisy ! Room wall was so thin that I could hear guests talking outside the room, countless sport cars drove through Anderson bridge with their signature Vroom Vroom engine sounds, how on earth was I able to sleep ?

7. crowded restaurant
Thanks to the sleepless night, we were up early and headed to the TOWN, I won’t say the restaurant was small but definitely not big enough to accommodate their guests! Those who have stayed, did you see how long was the queue at 9am?

Staying in a 5 star hotel is no big deal, i believe many of you would agree with me. staycation is what Singaporeans like to do over the long weekends and writing up a review about their experiences are so common nowadays. seriously, what is wrong with my post and how “respectless” it was? It doesn’t mean I must write good things about the hotel just because it is THE FULLERTON ! In fact, I didn’t even write anything nasty in my post or on my blog because they didn’t pay for the night and I want my feedback to go directly to their QSM ! Not on Facebook or here. I rate them 5/10 because we have stay in many hotels with much better services before ! Ops, I can’t afford actually because I don’t even have a credit card myself.

You people know nothing and how dare you come to my comfort zone, insulted us openly at my facebook with 410 friends on my list and you think we will keep quiet and be chicken? Or you think I am going to suck you up?!

I am so busy with my life that the last thing I want is to suck up to people so please, those who think you’re higher standard or rich or wiser in your dictionary, don’t expect much from me. To lick his a**. Oh well, even if I want to (ehem) there are so many people in front of me queuing!

This is probably the first time I saw Ben being so fed up, he is usually more tactful but these people are too much! How will you feel and what will you do when others bullying your loved one?These people look down on us, insult us, judge us behind our back for as long as I can remember and I am not going to tolerate this further. I still remember Ben got me my first Louis Vuitton bag from NAC after our wedding and this expert insisted that I bought a 水货!(read: unauthentic) so “concern” about me that asked my mom to tell me don’t buy fake bags from online stores anymore ! You know nuts about me ! Oh ya, the latest CC paper bag I shared was not genuine one, I bought from pasar malam (read: night market) and yes you are right, just the paper bag, inside kosong because we people can never afford something like this! Only your fake angmo wife can carry.

Do yourself a big favour, Stay away from my blog and my Facebook if you can, why check out and subscribe my posts when you tak boleh tahan (read : can’t stand)me? I said this once long long time ago and I am going to say it again

GET A LIFE ! And don’t you dare to upset my mother, if anything happen to her, I will not keep quiet like before ! I have nothing to lose but only 1 mother !

Below these are for the SUAKU (read : lack of exposure, literally “tortoise on the mountain” 山龟) fake angmo who thinks so highly about 5 stars hotel. (Wtf!) read more reviews! This is 21st century!










7 thoughts on “狗眼看人低 !

  1. Why do you have such ugly person on fb? Delete them immediately! Terribly rude!
    Hope you are not related to her!
    Cool down and dont let these dog-eyed ppl make your life miserable..

  2. Unfortunately somehow yes but we won’t bother anymore. They are now officially out of our lives.

  3. Somthing is wrong with your friend ……

  4. agree ! pls bar these people from your life.. such uncalled for comments are most unwelcome.. I faced these people too every now and then .. so support u for standing up for your mum and ur family ! jiayou Di !

  5. Theresa, yes, something is very wrong with this group of people.

    Jaclyn, thank you for your support ! Words can bring someone down but some words like yours make us feel good ! 😀

  6. Gasp! Just saw this post. Am really glad that this friend/relative (I’m assuming relative here because you mentioned that they might upset your mum) is out of your life. You really must unfriend him/her and then dont even feel bad or bothered – he/she is not worth it. Totally rude, unreasonable and ridiculous! Your fb is your space and you have all the rights to make such comments. Even if I am a staff of fullerton reading it, I ought to apologise and find out more, and not act like a mad dog barking away.

  7. CL,

    Such remarks made on my post is because these high mighty people are so full of themselves. They think everyone is like them, do things like them and worst, think like them. Some said smell like them.

    We are too busy to even think of them!

    these people who are at least double my age, really make a fool of themselves. They probably didn’t expect any replies but please, no one will keep quiet for such nonsense. Now, I don’t give a damn.

    My mom’s younger brother called the next day told my mom to tell me not to “write” anymore. Oh please, 是谁先踩谁的尾巴?是谁先放狗咬人?是谁来我的地盘撒野?keep quiet after being humiliated publicly? said no matter what, he/she is uncle/auntie, then he should call the one who talk shit first and please, behave like an adult, or be smart like another one who always 借刀杀人。

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