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Left Middle Finger Injury

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Such a careless mom I am ! Please don’t get me wrong for taking photo right after injury, I sent the photos to my medical friend to see if there is a need to send him to a & e.
It was a crush injury but not the extreme case like amputated/partial amputated or need any stitches. My worry was blood accumulated under his nails and the pressure. It can cause swelling and the high pressure has to be released if causes too much pain. Luckily swelling subsided within an hour.
This was the gap he put his finger in and I wasn’t aware. The pram was fully unfolded at time of accident. 😦
He had mild fever in the afternoon and the bruise was more obvious.
Poor little boy, he learnt his lesson the hard way, now he stays clear whenever I unfold the pram.


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