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Febrile ( FEVER) again !


Barely a month ago, Asher broke his own record of having temperature around 40 deg celcius, last week, his temperature hit 39.6 deg cel again ! Well, at least this time I knew the source of infection and I kept him at home, skipped class on the 8th day of school. This was my first hand written excuse letter for missing school.


I was less panic, I won’t say I am good at fever management at home, this was what I learnt when I was working in kkh.:

Brufen – Maximum 3 Doses in 24 Hours

Paracetamol – Maximum 4 Doses in 24 Hours

God knows why I calculated wrongly and I only found out later after I started recording.


1600 – 38 Paracetamol given

2100 – 38.8 Brufen given

( I missed checking his temperature at 12 midnight, I should give at least another dose of paracetamol, I didn’t and …)


0200 – 39.1 ( shocked ! Last Brufen @ 9pm so no Brufen to be given at 2am, Paracetamol 10mls given )

0230 – 38.5 ( thank goodness )

0300 – 38.3 ( Asher was half awake, given more h2O and ribena served, he went back to z )

0730 – 37.4 Paracetamol given

1330 – 37.2 Paracetamol given ( I should give @ 3pm )

2100 – paracetamol given


0800 – paracetamol ( last dose, afebrile for 24 hours and he finished the last drop from the bottle )

Then since last Friday, I have been giving Zrytex but he was still having runny nose so yesterday, I went pharmacy to buy syrup loratidine. Hopefully he will recover and we can go to the pool. Oh, I got myself this too.
I got the flu from Asher.:(
I really dislike the year of dragon ! Asher visited specialists for his ear problem, my knee problem, then fever ! Arrgghhh!

Hope our year of snake will be better ! Better in everything !!!!!


2 thoughts on “Febrile ( FEVER) again !

  1. Thanks for sharing.. talking about fever, I’ve never been good in managing any. Any kind of situation. I reckoned myself as a fair-weather mommy. Panic, anxious all the time if there’s anything wrong with my 25mo. Motherhood polished my almost non-existence patience, but I’m still not good in sickness-management. 😦

  2. Patience ! It’s what I don’t have 😦

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