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Songs we learnt from EK



Good Morning
Good morning
Good morning
It’s nice to see you here
Good morning
Good morning to you

Good morning
Good morning
Hello to all my friends
Good morning
Good morning to you

Give Me Oil In My Lamp

He Got The Whole World In His Hands

Jesus Loves Me This I know

Father Abraham

God Made Me

I’m In The Lord’s Army


4 thoughts on “Songs we learnt from EK

  1. Hi, how you get the CD? My girl is at N1 of EK now. I saw your boy brought that mandarin orange on 13 Feb. Very creative and nicely done. 🙂

  2. Hi vivi,

    I didn’t get te cd, I asked the teachers an they told me they compiled it themselves and they play different songs for each term.

    I try my best to remember the lyrics, search the titles at home, then play it on and off on youtube.

    Thanks for compliments on the mandarin orange packaging, it was taught by my sister.

  3. Thanks. I will search based on the titles you have here. 🙂
    I shall recognised your boy, Asher now. Cute boy…

  4. Thanks. Yes, that’s my son. These 2 were not added
    – my god is a great big god
    – fixing my eyes on you

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