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First Excursion – Ugly Duckling

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This is going to be his
– first excursion with EK
– first Chinese Children Play
– third play/drama of the year

Excursion – outing with school teachers and school mates without mommy. I was hoping I can tag along but only pre-nursery children are allowed to have 1 parent accompanied. I hope my little boy will behave himself and enjoy the outing.

Mommy has so much works and homework to do with Asher in the month of FEB – March. Don’t forget, we also have another play – The Little Red Hen in March. I really need a new printer as there are so many things I want to print and do with Asher. Why? It is because I don’t just bring him to the play or show, he has to understand the stories/morals before and after watching, right? These classical and educational plays are very meaningful, they teach us not to judge by the appearance and appreciate one’s inner beauty ( for Ugly Duckling ) and we must help each other/work hard before we receive our rewards ( for The Little Red Hen ). There are many resources online for these stories and we can let the kids learn and digest the stories well.

For those who are interested, you may go to Art Theatre to know more about the play.


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