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First Play of 2013 – The Gruffalo


I am not so naughty to sneakily snap photos or record the show, no one is allowed to do so and there are always people around to make sure no one break the rules. I am just sharing using the official trailer for The Gruffalo play I found on YouTube. It is very special, different from the cartoon for sure, the songs and music in the play are catchy and there are also lots of interaction with the audiences. Asher almost fell asleep, not because if the show but it was his nap time! ( FYI, he woke up around 6 plus in the morning and the show started at 12noon )

The show started 15 min past 12 because of late comers entering the theatre. I think they should really ban those who are late from entering, for whatever reasons. Just be punctual !

A little hiccups on the day :
– a gorgeous but angry mom accused me for taking up her seat
– she spoke like a first class audience and demanded an explanation ( not from me of course )
– her friend was embarrassed with her action and told me nicely that I got the right seat while she went to get the staff
– no apology after she got the staff to clarified the seat number issues
– she shouted at her daughter as she spilled her milk, loud enough to have others’ attention as well
– angry throughout the show as her kids were not cooperative, the younger one got off the seat too
– I think she almost went mad when her 2 kids ended up squeezing on 1 seat next to me and they started to ask and touch the gruffalo sticker on my cc bag.

It is really not so nice to keep threatening, scolding, restraining, or saying,”can you please keep quiet and watch, don’t waste my money.” If you’re reading this, I am not trying to embarrass you because I don’t know you, just want to tell you it is okay that your girl spilled her milk, just wipe away, tell her discreetly to hold the pack drink nicely, stay calm and smile, you have 2 wonderful kids. 🙂

I used to feel sorry for not bringing Asher to any show/play when he was much younger but not now, I should and I think most parents should bring the kids there
– when they love the storyline and familiar with it.
– when you know how to handle when there is a meltdown.
– after you prep the kids and let them know what to expect.
– when the kid is old enough to understand and listen to instructions
– when the dad or mom can handle more than 1 kid

Please note that I am not saying young toddlers cannot go, can of course and if you know you can manage well without interrupting the show or disturb other audiences, why not? I’m a mom, I know there are bad days when the kid just doesn’t behave, like mine, who was a little “high” and sleepy, wanted to go on stage to play with gruffalo and held the kid’s hand next to him. Just set the expectation right, if the situation is out of control, leaving the theatre is what I will do after saying sorry to my “neighbour”.

Here are little tricks I can think of to calm cranky children in the theatre /prep them before the day comes :
– bring their preferred small stuff toys
– lots of assurance ( before the lights off )
– some favourite snacks
– ribena ( it works for Asher ) or favourite drinks

For us, I will try to google and know how is the play like and what to expect, show him the scene so he won’t be shock or panic when the lights goes off.

Anyway, I’m glad we made it, more shows to come for this year.



2 thoughts on “First Play of 2013 – The Gruffalo

  1. Well said.

    But I think you meant ‘punctual’ instead of ‘puncture’ right?

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