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Self Feeding !

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Some children start at very young age like 1.5yo and mine, simply refused to self feed until now. That’s why when he finally does it, it is really a big deal to me!

I blame myself for that actually, I can’t stand messiness and I don’t play with food, I don’t want my kid to eat and mess up the floor or tray or anywhere in the house. (I know, i deserve scolding for thinking this way) That explained why he is not very good at using spoon and fork too. When someone asked me if I’ve seen any schooler not self feeding himself, I said no. And that kinda told me it is okay to feed my kid until 3yo.

BUT ! He turned 3 last year and refused to try feeding himself ! *nightmare*

When I was informed there will be tea break in school, I was a little panic, I told myself I had 1 month (dec) to encourage him but I was not persistent enough, I couldn’t stand the mess. Until the first day of school, I saw milo served in cup and all children helped themselves. Asher was the only kid came home with milo stained uniform. I told myself, we must start drinking using cup ! As for feeding, I let him self feed himself for his lunch, when his mood is good, he would finish all but on some days, he just wants his mom to do the job.

I am fine with that, almost one month into this, he is feeding himself almost half of the time. Gambateh !



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