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Composing song @ 3yo?

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Nowadays Asher sings when he is bored and alone. The tune is no where near any nursery rhymes or Christian songs I heard so far. Each time he sings, the lyrics are different too. I am glad I able to record his very first song.

We go somewhere else to play
We don’t want then we go
We go… We go… We go !
We go, some will come
Some will quiet in the tv
Some will not quiet in the TV
Some want to climb
Cannot climb climb
Somebody have to go in the house
Asher’s house
Daddy goes in, mommy goes in
Then we all go in
We eat fruits
We take something
Then we drive to popo’s house
When you… ? ? ? ?
We go there, ?what
Ding x5 (like canon in D)

?? Moon, then night time
Moon, moon, star, star, starrrr

When you x2
When you stay with me
Later x12

Mmm… Mmm…

Good night, Asher.
Good night, mom.


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