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Water Bottles For Asher

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This one cannot use, that one cannot use. I was so frustrated with water bottles with strap, no, I am so frustrated with cheapo water bottles with cheapo strap. I understand the need to have a strap, so that the kids carry their own bottles, minimise misplace bottles and easy for them when they bring kids out for excursion but why so fussy about using carrier for non strap bottles?

Try the key words – kid water bottle, in amazon and all you can see are bottles without strap. I don’t understand why are they so fussy about carrier. Showed 2 types of carrier but was told not to use. So, bottles without strap is out of question! Then I reluctantly bought 2 bottles that are so commonly sold at all stores and guess what, 2 bottles changed in a month, maybe it is just me. Now teacher thinks that it is a waste of money to keep replacing due to the loose strap, she told me to get only the strap so that Asher can continue to use the bottle. Seriously, that type of bottles are just not so good for kids. Okay, don’t talk about those we used when we were young because we did not know anything about BPA. Whatever it is, I just ordered 3 bottles at one go at amazon. I am quite confident that no one is carrying these, from Pre nursery to k2 in the morning session. No strap? There is a strap holder on the Skip Hop zoo straw bottle, I will replace it with existing strap I have and it will tilt to one side but fret not, leak proof (read from review).

This is Nalgene OTF kid bottle, love the size and the opening, I bet teacher is going to make hell lots of noise if he drops his bottles, so this will be used at home and over the weekends, with a net strap bought by me at mini toons.



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