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We Learn Simple Maths

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“1 plus 1 equal to ?”
“Want to do skip counting?”

No, I did not ask the above questions. These were asked by my 3y4mo Asher! Besides, he has been pretending to be a teacher, trying to mimic Teacher Janice I guess. There were some(questions) I couldn’t understand but for “maths”, I kinda know what he was trying to “test” me. Haha

I am not sure if he has started learning simple addition at school, I suppose they are still learning the basic concept like comparison and sequence. He is rather good at those, we have completed book 1 & 2 for basic maths. No secrets on what/which books we use at home,the publisher is pelangi and I bought them from popular.

I am not good at phonics so we only do simple workbooks at home for English, I believe the teacher are teaching them to blend the words as he comes home today, trying to “teach” me like a teacher.

Since today is his “maths day”, I decided to test him on skip counting and successfully recorded this clip:

Not too bad, we tried skip counting by 5 too and he managed to count correctly till number 30. Skip counting by 10 is a lot easier, he can count till 100. After that, we learn simple addition by using some small objects I have at home. Rainy day, that was how we spent our afternoon at home. 🙂


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