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Counting Down to…

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(Almost) Everyone on my Facebook has planned for something big and started counting down, how I wish I can plan some events to count down too.

Okay, I am not saying small events like birthdays, oh well, I may just start one if there is really nothing “big” to look forward to. Hehe.

Birthdays – to start the meter soon? What cakes to buy?

Term Break – to start only if daddy is taking leave, he applied but I know him, he may work from home so what is there to look forward when my me-time has deducted. *opps*

Holiday – is there any? Term 1 break has only 9 days and I don’t feel like going anywhere.

Arthroscopic – kiv early June, table not booked yet Ben is requesting to postpone till end June. Till date, no confirmation date. Feel like postponing the whole damn thing !

Countdown to my staycation? Okay, I better book one now !


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