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Review – The City @ Liang Court


This is a long overdue story which was supposed to be published in December 2012, if I had not lost my draft and if it wasn’t such a lazy holiday season. This is an article about the opening of “The City” that we were honored to be part of, but before I get to the specifics, some introductions are in order.

The City” by Littlez is an oversized indoor playground. Situated in Liang Court shopping center, it is easily accessible by most transportation means. Like most other indoor playgrounds, The City is both child and adult friendly – in fact the environment even promotes parents to take part in activities with their kids. But unlike most others, The City, as the name suggests, is made up of several smaller interconnected “play rooms” – a cafeteria, a supermarket, a clinic, a class room and many more.

Role playing is said to be essential for the development of physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills in a child. At “The City”, role playing is exactly what kids do. They can choose to dress up in doctor’s uniform and help the patients; they can be the cashier at the supermarket, heck they can even dress up to be a super-hero of their choice!


The City has many of the things we deal with in our daily lives – like supermarket. Who does not like spending time in a supermarket?


In the day time, Asher works as a cashier at the supermarket, taking notes and coins for purchases made by other kids. He has been careful to place the money into the cash machine that works almost like the real thing.

And Asher has no shortage of customers it seems, despite the fact that he charges 270 dollars for a bottle of milk. These are some serious big spenders!

When he gets tired of the cashier duty, he would then work part time as a doctor at the clinic. I had to say he has been a very efficient doctor with two patients on the bed at one go. There are uniforms for little girls as nurses too!


My niece Cheryl works as a teacher at a local school, Asher would attend her class and learn about dinosaur and animals.


Next to the school is the post office. Kids get to write simple letters, paste lovely stamps on the envelope before throwing it into the mail box.

Kids who aspire to be stylists have saloon to go to. The following kids comb the models and style them up pretty nicely!


While helping the patients is satisfying, Asher also enjoy working as fireman. There is nothing quite like saving lives. You’ll know Asher is on duty when he wears a neat uniform fully equipped with hat and mini fire extinguisher. There is even a proper hook for the extinguisher on that uniform, so that it does not get in the way while he speeds away on his vehicle.

There wasn’t a fire on that day, having nothing else to do (as a fireman), Asher sat down at the café where he was promptly served with… a mushroom. Yep, and it was a big mushroom so there was nothing to complaint about. Look at that nurse getting her afternoon tea at the café too!


Why stop at doctor and fireman when you can be a super-hero? Some kids definitely did not. Asher had the honor of working alongside people like Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, just to name a few.


Even if I’d not like to admit this, parents cannot outlast the children in these activities, we all know that. With so many interesting things to do at The City, Asher refused to stop playing and thankfully I was able to rest here (while still being able to see Asher at all times).


If you fancy booking the entire playground for your kid’s birthday, the party room is of reasonable size that would satisfy your celebration needs. What more can we ask if all the kids attending party immerse themselves in The City?


Here come the specifics:

Unlimited per entry! (what are you waiting for?)
Adults, Free
Babies under 1 year, Free
Under 2 years, $18
From 2 years, $22

All guests are required to wear socks while playing at The City, there is no shortage of socks at the counter, if you happen to forget yours.

I strongly recommend parents to bring your kids there, let their imagination and creativity run wild and have fun for whole day!

The City
#03-04A Liang Court
177 River Valley road
Singapore 179030

Email :
Tel : 62506507

follow them on facebook: TheCitySingapore


2 thoughts on “Review – The City @ Liang Court

  1. This is very cool! Like Kidzania for little kids almost. Will keep this in mind for sure. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Oh yes ! Both your children will love the place !

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