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初八。小金猪 Golden Pig



A little gathering with my paternal family members. Too bad a few of them couldn’t make it. Still, we had a great evening with my very funny cousin and her gf. Last year we had another cousin around but he is now in Sydney, how time flies, he has gone for almost a year now.

I regretted for not putting more effort for this year new year. I may miss the food, the cooking, the gathering and these very cheena decoration.


5 thoughts on “初八。小金猪 Golden Pig

  1. Nice… I had a suckling pig on the 3rd day of CNY.:-) Check this out:

  2. Wow ! Yours looks really delicious and crunchy ! Ours was not suckling pig, it was a 5kg/11lbs Roasted pig. Taste wise, bad. Maybe because it is CNY seasons, guess their orders were few times higher than usual. Bland and skin not crunchy at all.

    Are you from the state?

  3. Yes, from California. I think when pigs are cooked whole, it’s hard to get flavors in… But once in a year to honor the tradition, it’s not so bad.:-) Cheers!

  4. Oh yes ! But I still love this very sinful roasted pork !

    California, we always want to revisit this place, hopefully by end of this year.

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