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“Wow, impressive! Does he practise everyday?” Asked daddy.

It is not easy to get him to sit down and read together, let alone holding pencil or marker to practice writing ! He is getting very good at : mommy, I am yawning, I am tired. Moreover, to get him to write and rewrite, he simply says no, why keep writing for the same old thing? Son, I don’t know why too, I don’t remember asking so many questions on writing at your age, I am sure I didn’t write until I was 5/6yo, that’s why mommy hardly ask you to practise writing because I know, you will do it willingly when you’re ready. So, does he practise daily? You should know the answer by now.


On some days, he will pick up his pencil or marker to write letters, names or anything. Of course I am over the moon, I still believe that as a homemaker, I have to juggle everything at home and responsible for his everything, I need to be healthy, I must have a right mindset and think positive, I failed to be kiasu because I couldn’t handle stress so chill and relax are my home teaching style. Happy mom = Happy son. No point forcing. Nowadays I am more concern about mind building and I want to raise a happy kid, not a smart kid. A little bit of Maths and English on a “good day”, life skill on everyday and playground on sunny day. Okay, that explains why we do less “table work”, we play most of the time and learn to speak mandarin. Teacher Janice told me he is doing very well academically (so formal huh). 吴老师 commented that he is one of the fast learner who can point to the word while reading and recognise the Chinese characters.

We are all focusing on his behaviour, he is one of those who can really express his feeling and thought, at such young age, some of the words he used when he was angry were shocking. Imagine the whole month of January, I was so afraid whenever teacher wanted to speak to me when I picked him up after school. I had conversation with 吴老师, Teacher Janice, Teacher Barbara (she said she freaked out when she heard what he said) and Principle Mdm Chan about his behaviour, they think that it is healthy that such young boy can express his feeling, let him tell us how he feels and we just need to watch him and guide him what can be done and what can’t be done out of anger. We all see improvement in this February and I look forward to teacher parent session next month. (If there is any) hopefully, Asher will tell me he no longer sitting next to teacher but with his classmates by next term.

My dear son, you love praises and imaginary “High five” stars, mommy will give you anything to keep you happy and positive. If the environment is breeding unhappy people and the pressure from the society is overwhelming, we will find a better solution before it is too late. To me, Happy son = Happy mom. And practicing writing is not a must (yet), we can do so many things together other than these. Thank You for drawing mommy yesterday, the hair clips were lovely and mommy loves you too !


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