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Art & Craft @ Home


I am such a lazy mom, we just do everything randomly. Came across some Easter chocolate at Cold Storage and I decided to do art and craft. A little bit early but I believe the teachers in school will definitely introduce Good Friday & Easter to the children.



3 thoughts on “Art & Craft @ Home

  1. Why do u always say tt u are a lazy mom? Far from it. 🙂 Bet Asher is benefiting loads from all your activities together n will be ready for school well before his time. Can’t wait to read of his amazing achievements when he’s primary school and beyond 😀

  2. Ready for school or not, too early to say. I dare not do too many things at home, just play and read and do simple writing (when he says he wants to). Teacher said he knows a lot of things and asked if I teach him at home, I don’t know if she is trying to tell me I am the reason he gets so restless in class or indirectly asking me not to teach too many things. But since last year, we have slow down quite a bit.

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