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3rd Play of 2013 – The Little Red Hen

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Library is a best place for me to find children books! I will only buy when I am pretty sure Asher loves them, like Maisy’s, he kept asking me to borrow them every time we were there. I can’t be hogging these books so I got them online for him. As for 丑小鸭 & The Little Red Hen,there are simply too many versions. I got a few with different publishers and Asher told me which one he preferred after first reading. These 2 shows were merely 2 days apart, not that I am bad at planning, I didn’t know Asher’s first excursion was to visit a theatre. Luckily I have not bought the goldilocks tickets, there is always “next month”. LoL !!
A full breakfast at Purvis Street before we headed to the theatre in National Library. Typical Hainanese style coffee shop located at “hainan street”, very old school but super clean.
Row B, seat 1 and 2. Next time I would avoid corner seating.
Asher with the performers. He told me he loved The Little Red Hen play even though he got a little bit confused with the cat, he thought that was a fox and we didn’t read about the “goose” too.

Just like other plays, there were CDs on sale and some hands on activities too at the atrium. We didn’t participate as it was almost his nap time. That was it, our third play of this year.


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