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Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup @ Malacca

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First night in Malacca, we had Satay Celup for supper ! We went to the one with yellow signboard.

The food were not as fresh as expected.

But still, we ate like there was no tomorrow.

Happy “Lok Lok ing”

Yes, very happy. Thanks hubby for bringing me here.

First night, we had 38 sticks !! Sounds a lot? Come and try it yourself and see if you can finish more than us.

Second night, which was also the last night we spent in Malacca, hubby was trying to persuade me to come back but I had bad stomachache so I said no but he was so mean, he said we won’t be back for yearssssss ! You bet, we came back for supper again. We tried the one with white signboard.

Food was a lot fresher than his neighbours, not chatty type, maybe that’s the reason why more people prefer the yellow signboard shop. We prefer this one, cleaner, fresher, less crowd, no myanmarforeigners workers. Yes, run by the same family. In fact, these 2 shops’ owners are brothers. One not happy with other siblings and decided to run his own business so yes, the sauce taste the same. Imho, just go for the cleaner shop.

Been there, done that, second visit we controlled ourselves and chose only those we like, in slower manner of course. We had only 28 sticks. (The neighbour shop was so crowded that we had to squeezed through people to get food)


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