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White Baby Cot – SOLD


Yes, it is up for sale and this time round, I’ll just dismantle it and won’t let Asher know (so that he won’t tell me not to sell his bed). PM me. This is a MUST GO ITEM.



8 thoughts on “White Baby Cot – SOLD

  1. Wow, I just saw this. At $30? The buyer got a super good deal!

    I have a similar white cot, bought at $399. Am so going to stop at 1 but I think I might bu she de to stop sell at such prices. Jialat. Hoarder’s habits again.

  2. CL, half way dismantling, the boy wants to sleep on it lo!

    I rejected the buyer.:P

  3. Hi Diana, so u not selling the cot anymore?

  4. Yes, not at this moment

  5. That’s a missed! Ur baby cot condition seem so good!

    Too bad my due date is 2 mths away… Can’t wait…

    Anyway, thanks for ur reply! =>

  6. Oh yes, almost brand new.

  7. Hihi..

    I am looking for one, how much are you letting go? 🙂


  8. Hi

    I’m looking for one. May I know how much are you letting go? 🙂


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