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Garage Sales part 1 – All Sold

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no, I didn’t start selling these just because I didn’t win the toto ! Haha, simply want to clear some bulky items as we will be waving bye bye to the helper and probably not replacing any until we think we need extra help, so less things at home means less things to clean. Phew~

Let me know if you want to buy any of my preloved furniture and items.

Condition : 9.5/10, pen marks 😦 see photo 2, go for upholstering and you have a brand new bench. Rustic. My favourite ! Imported set.
Price :$280 $100  (don’t ask me how much we bought it, I will hang myself if I recall the retail price !) 20130223-111357.jpg

Brand : ikea
Condition : 9.5/10
This is very well maintained, wipe daily by helper.

Price : $100 $50  selling way lower than retail price as this is not brand new after all (even though it looks like one) 20130223-111423.jpg
Another imported set. My favourite display table.
Condition : a little flaw on top right corner of table as helper dragged my lamp instead of carried it away while cleaning. This is just one of the minor things she damaged. Heavy, rustic feel.
Price : $100 $80
Condition : 9/10 look old and they are suppose to look old. Vintage style, useful cabinets I used to store letters, files and DVDs. Love them a lot, bought it and carry all the way back myself !
Price : $50 for set of 3

Function :10/10
Condition : 5/10
Price : $30 FOC
Not for the fussy, change the lamp cover from Ikea.


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