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OCBC Roadshow @ Big Splash ECP

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It was a wonderful Sunday morning, daddy and I woke up early to do some housework before we brought the bike lover out to OCBC Roadshow at ECP Big Splash. Our stomach were filled with unhealthy prata at Mr. Teh Tarik.
That event started in the late morning and the hot weather was killing ! We took the opportunity to sign up another trading account with OCBC at no cost and pay only 50% trading fee for up 12 transactions in the next 2 months. Actually the trading fee is not a lot when we do it online, it saves some money for those who trade actively.
Designing name plate. Asher picked up the pen and wrote his name while daddy and I were away. We came back (after signing up the account) and helped him to complete this name plate.
Asher got a little impatience and refused to continue so I helped him. Simply too hot, even I got a little but cranky.
But it was totally different story when he saw his bike.
We also spent some time on the beach, playing with sands, admiring the waves and kicking the water. Love it, how I wish we can stay near ECP. 🙂


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