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Seafood Dinners @ Sg Rengit, Pengerang


It took us around 20 minutes to drive to Sg Rengit to have seafood. There are many resorts around there too. I was wondering, why do everyone drive to Sg Rengit for seafood dinner? I tried to google other restaurants near Desaru resort but couldn’t find any. Hmm, so everyone comes to desaru resort for the pool, farm, crocodile and firefly?

There are at least 5 seafood restaurants or maybe more at Sg. Rengit. We tried Jade Garden. Reached around 5 plus, not much customers.

This boy did not take his nap and you know how fussy a child can be without proper rest, luckily there were lobsters to keep him entertained. Live Seafood Corner.

Our dinner at Jade Garden was okay except the horfun, the prawns were not fresh at all, it “melt” in mouth. Cereal prawns were crunchy and delicious, fish a bit tough (why?), lala were very tiny but the sauce was good.

How much did we spend? The last item was prawn crackers and I should just pay separately, they charged me GST ! This is very uncommon in Malaysia, prices shown usually included gst and not charge separately.

How to get there? Actually without this, you can surely find them because Sg Rengit is just a small village.

As mentioned, we couldn’t find any restaurants near the resort so we drove to Sg Rengit again for dinner on the second day. We also visited the Ostrich Farm which was just around the corner.(see next post)

This restaurant was directly opposite Jade Garden, strongly recommended by Mr. Lim, the narrator at Ostrich Farm. He claimed that they charge reasonable price as compare to JG but not true, we compared both prices, almost the same, unless we order exactly the same fish and same prawn, after all, both chefs didn’t weight the live fish in front of us so…

Taste wise we still prefer Jade Garden. Dishes were recommended by “tauke neo” and 2 deep fried ! *shake head* too oily for my stomach. I like the fish, fresh and steamed, just the way I like but 700gm for 2 adults and 1 child? Too much right? She knew I ordered prawn and told me she would tell the chef to cook smallest portion, I later found out the min order was 300gm, more than 10 medium large sized prawns, deep fried, no joke ok ! ( FYI, we didn’t finish the food, tsk tsk )
Oyster Egg – can you spot any? This one was super oily.



2 thoughts on “Seafood Dinners @ Sg Rengit, Pengerang

  1. for a family of 3, it is always difficult to order. Always too much if we want variety and not enough if we only order 2 dishes. haha

  2. Yes, love hate feeling whenever we go Malaysia

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