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11th years together


Did I make the right choice 11 years ago? I know I did when…

In the car,
Diana : Happy Anniversary, honey.
Ben : I said it when the time strike 12mn.
Diana : any gift for me? (Asked jokingly)
Ben : Anything you want.
Diana : Really? (You know that is 7 grand)
Ben : Yes. Anything. You want that bag, right?
Diana : No no no, I don’t want anything right now. (Don’t give me surprise, you always got the wrong thing. LoL)

Yes, the husband knows me and he never think twice whenever I said I want something (very expensive). Okay, love is not all about this or it can be measured but where on earth can I find someone who never say no to my request. (except the credit card thingy but I know very soon you will supp one for me even if I say no, haha)

Thanks babe, having that thought is heartwarming enough. Besides my immediate families, no one loves me like you do. You give in to my nonsense and tolerate my grouchiness, always understanding and thank you for always being there for me. Happy Anniversary !


4 thoughts on “11th years together

  1. Happy Anniversary! 😀 If we knew it that day, that day sure celebrate for both of you!

  2. Happy 10th anniversary, Di and Ben! Here’s to many more blissful years ahead 😀

    We’ll be 10 this Dec too. Time flies eh?

  3. and many more years to come. Hugs to my dear sister and brother in law. 🙂

  4. Katherine, we did not celebrate it.:) thanks for your thought.

    Thanks Natalie.

    Thanks Famela.

    10 years, time flies, I feel old. LoL !!

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